Working Permit / VISA

Employment Visa (KITAS Indonesia) – Limited Stay Work Permits

Locally know as the KITAS, employment visas are meant for foreign nationals who wish to reside and work in Indonesia.

Entry Requirements for VOA Indonesia Extension:

Individuals who want to conduct employment-based work.
Sponsorship for this visa must be from a legal corporate entity (Company registered and based in Indonesia).
Legality of the sponsor company in Indonesia (the details of which may be seen below).

Document Required from the Company
(Colored Scanned Copy)

Document Required from Foreign Worker
(Colored Scanned Copy)

Documents for Follower KITAS
(Wife & Children)
(Colored Scanned Copy)

step by step process

  • RPTK / Position >> there will schedule interview Skype from company to the manpower office Jakarta >> take around 1 month also depend on Skype interview.
  • *Need Contract of Employment >> cause the Validity of RPTK depend on Contract, if you make 1 years contract employment, so the RPTK or Title just valid for 1 year. After that have to do EPO or cancel kitas.
  • *If make contract of employment 3 or 5 years, validity of RPTK will be follow it. But the kitas just get per year then can extend, extend just for IMTA and Kitas & Merp, cause the RPTK already issued in first for 3 or 5 years
  • Recommendation / code payment USD >> process for how long you get period for working permit. >> Take around 7-14 working days. >> point C must be complete
  • Pay DPKK / USD >> Do payment USD at Bank Bni or Mandiri based on code payment USD, $100/month. The due of payment is 1 day from date of issued.
  • Telex Visa >> please let us know which Indonesia Embassy for Collect working Visa è take around 10-14 working days , telex visa valid for 2 months.
  • Apply Visa to Indonesia Embassy at Overseas
  • Process Kitas and Multi Entry permit >> process In Immigration  take 3 weeks working.
  • STM >> police report.

Please contact Our Team for detail

Please contact Our Team
for detail

By contacting directly with the specialist, you will save a lot of time, nerves, and money. Our team has many years of experience in putting cases on the right track. You can write to us in English and Bahasa Indonesia.


It is important to understand that many of your documents may need to be apostilled or legalised to complete the process. Your personal Advisor will inform you about this procedure.

You can find out more here at our Associate company  Apostille Indonesia

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