Which Immigration Office Should You Go to in Bali?

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For expats living in Bali, knowing which immigration office (Kantor Imigrasi or Kanim) to visit for managing your stay permits is crucial. Bali has three immigration offices, each serving different areas. This guide will help you determine which Kanim you should go to based on your area of residence.

 Immigration Offices in Bali

1. Kanim Denpasar
2. Kanim Singaraja
3. Kanim Ngurah Rai

 Kanim Denpasar Jurisdiction

If you reside in any of the following areas, you should visit Kanim Denpasar:

 Kota Denpasar:
– Denpasar Barat
– Denpasar Selatan
– Denpasar Timur
– Denpasar Utara

Kabupaten Bangli:
– Bangli
– Kintamani
– Susut
– Tembuku

 Kabupaten Tabanan:
– Baturiti
– Kediri
– Kerambitan
– Marga
– Penebel
– Pupuan
– Selemadeg
– Selemadeg Barat
– Selemadeg Timur
– Tabanan

Kabupaten Klungkung:
– Banjarangkan
– Dawan
– Klungkung
– Nusa Penida

Kabupaten Gianyar:
– Blahbatuh
– Gianyar
– Payangan
– Ubud
– Sukawati
– Tampaksiring
– Tegallalang

 Kabupaten Badung:
– Abiansemal
– Mengwi
– Petang

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Kanim Singaraja Jurisdiction

If you live in the following areas, you should go to Kanim Singaraja:

 Kabupaten Buleleng:
– Banjar
– Buleleng
– Busungbiu
– Gerokgak
– Kubutambahan
– Sawan
– Seririt
– Sukasada
– Tejakula

 Kanim Ngurah Rai Jurisdiction

Residents in the following areas should visit Kanim Ngurah Rai:

 Southern Bali Area:
– Nusa Dua
– Jimbaran
– Other areas in southern Bali


It’s essential to visit the correct immigration office to avoid unnecessary delays or complications with your stay permit. Knowing which Kanim serves your area ensures that you can efficiently manage your immigration needs. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s best to contact the nearest Kanim to verify their jurisdiction and confirm the necessary procedures for your specific location in Bali.

Another thing that you should remember is that these offices are usually very busy and can be frustrating. There are seversl desks to visit and forms to fill in. There is no real reason why you should not do this by yourself other than the fact that you msy end up wasting a couple of days of your vacation, travel a long way there and back and you may have your patience tried to the limit. 

For those who want a hassle-free experience, our specialists at Indonesian Visa Service are here to assist you with all your immigration needs, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process. You can contact us here.

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