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Navigating Indonesian Visa Forms: A Guide to Hassle-Free Travel


One of the most dreaded aspects of travel is the seemingly endless official forms we must fill out. This task becomes even more cumbersome when traveling with family, as each member requires their own set of documents. Form Frustration is a common issue that travelers face, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Indonesian Visa Service (IVS), we understand the pain points of navigating bureaucracy. Our team of experts specialises in simplifying the process, ensuring your paperwork is handled efficiently and correctly.

 Why Forms Are a Pain

Dealing with official forms can be overwhelming, especially in a foreign country. Indonesian bureaucracy, in particular, can be daunting, with forms often written in Indonesian and complex requirements that can be hard to decipher. This is where our expertise comes in.

Our Expertise

Our mission at IVS is to make the visa application process as painless as possible. We handle all the paperwork needed for visas, residency, company registration, and more. Our experts know exactly what information is necessary and what can be left out, streamlining the process for you.

How It Works

1. Basic Information: Provide us with your contact information, both from your home country and your destination.
2. Document Submission: Attach all required documents listed on our respective pages and send them to us.
3. Verification: We check that all documents are complete and contact you if anything else is required.
4. Signature: In some cases, your signature may be needed. We will email you the completed forms, which you can sign electronically or by hand and send back to us.

 E-Customs Form

While we handle most of the paperwork, you will need to fill out the e-customs form yourself. This form is required at both immigration and customs. You can complete it in advance or wait until you arrive, but we highly recommend doing it beforehand to avoid long lines and additional stress at the airport.

Forms to fill in

 Completing the E-Customs Form

Access: Use the QR code or the provided link to access the form.
Language: The form is in English with clear instructions.
Details: Fill in the form for each passport and ensure all relevant boxes are ticked and switches toggled.

Doing this in advance saves significant time and frustration, especially after a long flight.

       Follow me to the form

 Importance of Accuracy

We will handle as much of the process as possible, but it is crucial that you provide accurate and truthful information. Double-check everything before you sign. These forms are legal declarations, and any inaccuracies can have serious consequences.

 Overstaying Penalties

Be aware that overstaying in Indonesia carries a hefty penalty of around $185 per day. If an emergency prevents you from leaving on time, contact us immediately. If there is an emergency that prevents you from leaving there are procedures for extend your visa


We can assist with extending your visa and navigating the necessary procedures.


Let us take the stress out of your travel preparations. By sending us your documents and information, we will ensure everything is filled out correctly and ready for your signature. Then, you can focus on enjoying your trip.

 Contact Us

For any questions or assistance, reach out to Indonesian Visa Service. We’re here to help make your travel experience as smooth as possible.

Happy Travels!

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