C2 & D2 - Visa (offshore & onshore)

Business, Tourist & Training Visa

This visa type has an initial validity of two (2) months upon first entry to the country and can be extended 2 (two) times consecutively; for a period of sixty (60) days each time at the local immigration office. The maximum duration the individual is allowed to remain in Indonesia on this visa type is six (6) months.

The Indonesian C2 & D2 is for people not planning to work in Indonesia who can participate in seminars and workshops. Even if this type of visa is called “business” visa, you don’t need to have any business in Indonesia. Since 05-2024 visa C2 &D2 is available also for tourism purposes.

IVS business meeting

Requirements for C2 & D2 Visa:

  • Color scan of passport cover (passport must lie flat, no light reflection)
  • Color scan of the photo page and page 2 of the passport (the passport must lie flat, without reflection)
  • Color photo with red or white background, 4×6 cm size
  • Ticket or Booking of flight to Indonesia
  • Account statement (with minimum minimum balance of $2000 in the last one month)
  • Scans of completed and signed government declarations. Download HERE


Send the documents by email at info@indonesianvisaservice.com CC diana@indonesianvisaservice.com
After our verification of your documents, we will issue an invoice with the account number

You do not need to complete an application for a visa, we do it for you.
We recommend health insurance for the duration of your stay in Indonesia (it’s not obligatory).

Business visa offshore ext

visa C2 & D2 offshore extension

Requirements for C2 & D2 Visa EXTENSION :

Original Passport Only

You can extend your initial 60 days stay, two times for another 60 days. Total 180 days of stay.

Please contact us 10 days before your visa expires. Our courier will collect your passport for free. We will provide all other documents. The renewal process for old C2 & D2 visas will be done only once.

Staying longer: You can apply for the extension of visa C2 & D2 for another 60 days, and again for another 60 days (total 180 days).

Step by step Process :

We will ask for your current address, then we will send you a courier for your passport

The passport will be taken to the immigration office where our agent will submit the remaining required documents

You will receive the date, time and address of the office where you will take a photo and fingerprints

You will go to the immigration office to take a photo and make prints

We are waiting for the end of the process

Once the process is complete, we will send your passport back with an extended visa

Payment Information:

Advance payment must be made prior to starting the process. Furthermore, we stand by our services and offer a money-back guarantee should our services not meet your expectations.


If there are extenuating reasons (medical reasons, etc.) as to why you require an extra extension in addition to the one already awarded to you, please contact us directly and we will advise you accordingly

Please contact Our Team for detailS

By contacting directly with the specialist, you will save a lot of time, nerves, and money. Our team has many years of experience in putting cases on the right track. You can write to us in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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