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We are very happy that you have decided to visit our site and find out a little more about what we do. ALl of our services are outlined  in the various pages, however, we would like to provide a little more detail here.

Ratu Visa prides itself in providing personalised services to those who wish to visit, temporarily re-locate, or invest in Indeonsia. Each client will be provided with an account manager that will walk you through every step of the way. 

Much of the process in getting the right documentation for your trip to the country can be extremely complicated and extremely time consumming. The Immigration department provides the faciltieis to do this on your own, however, it requires lots of visits to the local offices, a large number of forms to fill out, documents to provide and the costs of transport, too and from the offices, and the fees, the confusion and the difficulties in making sure you do everything correctly makes it a long darwn out process. 

Over an above the complexity is the fact that the Government of Indonesia Immigration Service is in the middle of a restructuring of the visas they are issuing. This emans that there are constant changes to the system, the online process gets backedup with too many people trying to get online at the same time and a number of other issues that make the process very frustrating for a client on their own. 

Ratiu Visa is part of the PT Ratu Rajasa Group and ore one of the very few fully licenses viasa Agents recognised by the department of Immigration. SInce we have this licensing, we are informed in advance of when changes are about to happen and how to adjust our processing of clients documents to accomodate these changes. 

Just recently, in fact, a number of the visas categories were changed and in some ways streamlined, but in other ways more complex. We are kept up todate and our articles here will provide you with a run down on a regular basis of changes being made and other relevant or interesting articles. 

We also have a newletter that you can opt-into in order to receive our articles on a regualr basis. 

Id you have any questions pelease do not hesitate to contact us at any time for information on your particualr case. 

We look forwrad to assisting you in anyway we can. 


It is important to understand that many of your documents may need to be apostilled or legalised to complete the process. Your personal Advisor will inform you about this procedure.

You can find out more here at our Associate company  Apostille Indonesia

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